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  American  Airlines  Arena    

American Airlines Arena is located in the business district of Miami, Florida . It was inaugurated on 31 st December 1999 and costs around whopping $175 million. It hosts the basketball games and live performances from every division of the arts. It was constructed in order to replace the retro Miami Arena. This new arena serves as a domicile to the Miami Heat, an NBA team. The stadium is the sole property of Miami Sports and Entertainment Authority. In 1998, the construction of the arena was held up due to the fire in the upper section of the infrastructure. Promptly after its inauguration, it hosted the Gloria Estefan concert- the famous Queen of Latin Pop.

The seating of the arena has a very vertical arrangement to boast up the unhindered spectator view. The arena's sea facing location makes it more enchanting. Its gigantic size provides the spectacular view of Biscayne Bay . The recent performances by Shakira, Andrea Boccelli and Bruce Springsteen attracted thousands of admirers. Virtually every night the arena proffers a sporting or performance event and attracts more than 20,000 spectators. The unique yellow-backed seats of the Arena catch everybody's eyes. The arena has 6 elevators and 939 parking spaces. The private suites line each concourse facilitated with all the luxuries. All the admirers who follow the events regularly can avail the advantage of the comfy seats and better scoreboards. An unbelievable view of the horizon over the Biscayne Bay makes it a lovers paradise with a tempting restaurant which makes the simple "game night" into a "date night." The cuisine of the arena boasts highly creative food like a Miami Hero with ham, cured pork, cheese, pickles and mustard served grilled on Cuban bread, Venezuelan corn cakes, conch fritters, burgers, dogs, pretzels and certainly the popcorns. The vicinity of the stadium has Bongo's Cuban Café and traditional Cuban cuisine venue. For the lovers of the continental food Bubba Gump Shrimp is also offered at the eating joints.



  • 19,600 (With upper levels)
  • 16,000 (Without upper levels)
  • Can be configured five ways
  • Minimum 5,000
  • Maximum 20,000
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